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ReactJS Developers, Shopify Developers, Native Developers, NodeJS Developers
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SEO Experts, SEM Experts, Social Media Marketers, Content Expert, Copywriter
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Graphic Designers, UI UX Designers, Social Media Designers
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Sales, HR, Admins, Personal Assistants, Customer Service Specialists
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Meet our Talentporters!

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Abyoso Hapsoro
Data Engineer
Edge Prop Singapore

"Talentport break the myth that Indonesian fresh graduate can't work for international / cross-country company"

Fadhilah Syara
Office Manager
Open Space Centers

"Talentport presented me a wider range of job opportunities from various global employers that were not publicly advertised as well"

Anisa Sheila
Customer Success Executive
Talk to Your Heart Out Pte Ltd

"Talentport able to connect me with a company that is providing exactly what I'm looking for"

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How Talentport Benefits You?

Provide Remote Work

Offer you online jobs from home where you can choose your shift and workspace

Personalize Your Vacancy Offer

Our team of experts will work with you to understand your requirements and create a customized online job offer that stands out from the rest.

Boost Your Income by 40% or More

Earn more than market standards with us. Get paid for your worth and receive timely monthly payouts.

Career Guidance

Our Talent Success Coaches offer valuable guidance on-demand by give constructive feedback for the tests and interview.

A seamless hiring

Enjoy a seamless, headache-free process.
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What is Talentport?

Talentport helps companies recruit qualified talents from South-East Asia on a remote basis. You will get access to global remote jobs that you might not able to find in public platform. With Talentport, you can quickly & easily get a job from three job key categories: Digital Marketing, Software Engineering, & Creatives.


Do I need to pay to join the Talentport network?

Nope, it’s all free! You simply have to apply once and pass our screening process to be part of our Talentport network.


Will I get paid?

Yes, all remote work opportunities are paid.


What are the benefits of joining the Talentport network?

You will become a member of our trusted network of professionals, with opportunities to work remotely in jobs that match your interests and skill set. You will also benefit from networking opportunities and Talentport upskilling resources including webinars and coaching. Forget about applying to dozens of companies and having to build your reputation from scratch.


How many rounds of tests and interviews do I have to take?

There are 3 parts to the Talentport screening process: an hour long online test that assesses your level of English and analytical skills followed by a virtual interview conducted by Talentport staff and finally an interview with your prospective employer.


What is this screening test about? Will it be in English?

Our screening process identifies talent by evaluating your aptitude, professionalism, and communication skills. Both the test and the interview will be conducted in English.


Do I get to choose which company I want to work for?

Depending on your profile and jobs available, you may be given several options on companies you can work with.