9 Vital Role for Efficient Digital Marketing Team

Muthiah Aulia is a professional SEO specialist and writer with a keen focus on digital marketing. Her writing provides insightful guidance and tailored advice designed to help companies and businesses enhance their digital presence and refine strategies for attracting top talent.

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In recent years, more and more businesses and companies have become aware of the importance of online marketing to reach a wider audience. For this reason, it is important to build the right digital marketing team structure.

This digital marketing team will be divided into several roles with overlapping responsibilities that support the company's online marketing strategy. So, what is the ideal digital marketing team structure? Check it out in this article!

The Importance of Building a Digital Marketing Team in a Company

Building an effective digital marketing team in a company has many important benefits. In the digital age, online marketing and digital strategies play a key role in the growth and success of businesses.

Digital marketing teams can help companies build and maintain a strong online presence. This includes building and managing websites, social media, blogs, and other online platforms that can help companies interact with customers and potential customers. Thus, it can help companies reach a wider and more diverse audience.

Digital marketing allows companies to measure performance better than traditional marketing methods. You can see how many website visitors, social media interactions, and sales conversions are generated from each campaign. In conclusion, building a competent and effective digital marketing team is important to help companies achieve their marketing goals in a constantly changing digital world.

This team can help companies reach more customers, increase sales, and maximize their influence in the online market.

Key Focuses When Building a Digital Marketing Team

When you want to build a digital marketing team, there are four key focuses that need to be considered. These focuses are divided into workflow, scope of work, task functions, and daily activities.

These focuses guide and map the responsibilities of the digital marketing team.

1. Workflow

It is important for companies to know how a team can achieve its targets realistically. Therefore, the main focus that needs to be considered is how the workflow of the digital marketing team is. This workflow can be seen from the process of conducting research on the brand, competitors, to customers. Then, it is also seen how the process of developing strategies, to the execution and evaluation of strategies is carried out.

2. Scope of Work

The digital marketing division has a scope of work that is not only one-way to the target customer, but also to other parties within the organization.

3. Task Functions

The digital marketing team has the task of being a strategic executor. In addition, they are also the designers, and communicators of the designed strategy.

4. Activities in Work

The daily activities of the digital marketing team move behind the scenes, developing strategies and thinking about how to execute those strategies.

The Ideal Digital Marketing Team Roles

When building the ideal digital marketing team, it is important to consider the principles of optimal human resource management. It is important to pay more attention to the division of roles and responsibilities.

Here are some essential roles that need to be considered for forming a successful digital marketing team.

1. Digital Marketing Strategist

In the company, the digital marketing strategist position is responsible for managing creative digital marketing strategies. This position requires someone who is able to think strategically, tactically, and creatively to achieve company goals.

2. Digital Marketing Analyst

A digital marketing analyst is responsible for handling digital marketing data analysis. They will deal with KPI numbers, website traffic analysis, measuring conversions, which will be used as advice in campaign optimization.

3. Content Strategist

As the name suggests, this position is responsible for designing content needs. A content strategist will do planning up to copywriting execution.

In digital marketing, content is a crucial thing that becomes a source of conversion. Therefore, a content strategist must be able to choose and adjust the way of delivery on each platform.

4. Social Media Marketer

The role of social media marketer is to interact directly with target customers through social media. They will be responsible for developing and managing all of the company's social media that ultimately can increase sales prospects.

In addition, social media marketers are also responsible for distributing content on several platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, or Youtube.

5. SEO Specialist

In the digital marketing structure, the SEO specialist position has a role to optimize the website so that it can be found on the first page of search engines.

SEO specialists are also responsible for bringing website traffic, improving the company's reputation, and increasing conversions.

SEO specialists will determine which keywords need to be used to support the website getting rankings and found by target customers. In addition, they also develop various website optimization strategies so that they are more user-friendly.

6. Content Writer

In order to support the tasks and strategies of SEO specialists, a content writer is needed in the digital marketing team structure.

Content writers will be responsible for writing content in the form of articles for website or media publication purposes.

7. Performance Marketers

In addition to running digital marketing organically, companies also need to run ads on various platforms. This is where the role of a performance marketer is needed.

Performance marketers will be responsible for developing online advertising strategies. They will adjust the strategy for each platform used, starting from social media or search engines. All of these platforms will be handled in different ways.

8. Graphic Designer

The position of graphic designer in the digital marketing structure is also very important. They have the responsibility to meet the design needs for both social media and website purposes.

A graphic designer must be able to visualize the brief given into an attractive image content.

9. Video Editor

Currently, the need for digital marketing content is not limited to visual images only, but also in the form of videos. For that, the digital marketing team also needs a video editor.

This video editor position will be responsible for video editing, starting from cutting, combining, adding effects, adding sound, and other things that make video content more interesting.

That is the structure of the digital marketing team that can help companies in running online marketing more targeted and creative.

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