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After successfully hiring the right new employee, the next step is onboarding and welcoming them. It is also important to make sure that all employees in the company are aware of the new addition to the team.

One way to do this is to use an employee introduction email. This email template can help you create a professional and welcoming announcement that will help the new employee feel welcome and supported. Let's check out what Talentport suggest below!

How and When to Introduce New Employees

Email is one of the most efficient and effective ways to announce that a company has hired a new employee. This is because email ensures that everyone receives the same message at the same time, regardless of their location or availability.

While it is possible to introduce a new employee in person, this can be difficult if the employee is not in the office on the day of the announcement. In addition, a written announcement allows you to share more information about the new employee, such as their background, experience, and interests. This can help existing employees get to know the new employee and build rapport with them.

The best time to introduce a new employee is a few days before they start work. This gives existing employees time to read the announcement and prepare to welcome the new employee.

When sending the email, be sure to include the new employee as a recipient. This will allow them to see the positive feedback and well wishes from their new colleagues. It will also help them feel welcome and supported.

Steps to Create a New Employee Introduction Email Broadcast

Sending a new employee introduction email can be a great way to welcome new employees and introduce them to the company. This can help to improve employee engagement and create a sense of community.

If you are considering sending a new employee introduction email, here are some steps to follow:

1. Address the Announcement to the Entire Company

Part of the purpose of your employee introduction email is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to welcome the new employee.

Even if the email recipients work in different departments, a broadcast email gives everyone a chance to help the new employee adjust and perform their role.

Existing employees cannot do this if they are not aware of the new employee. So, make sure you send the broadcast email to everyone in the company.

2. Customize the Subject Line and Introduction with Your Company's Culture

Customize the subject line of the email to match your company's culture. If your company has a formal culture, you should use a formal subject line and opening greeting. For example, you could use the subject line "New Employee Announcement" and the opening greeting "To [Company Name] Employees." The introduction could start by saying, "We are pleased to announce..."

If your company has a more casual culture, you can use a more casual subject line and opening greeting. For example, you could use the subject line "Welcome to the Club!" and the opening greeting "Hey everyone!"

In addition to considering your company's culture, it is also important to follow proper email etiquette.


Formal Culture :

Subject Line - Formal Culture:
"Introducing [New Employee's Full Name]: Joining [Company Name] Team"
Opening Greeting:
"To All [Company Name] Employees,"
"We are delighted to share the exciting news of a valuable addition to our [Department Name]. Please join us in welcoming [New Employee's Full Name], who will be commencing their journey with us on [Start Date]."

Casual Culture :

Subject Line - Casual Culture:
"Welcome [New Employee's First Name] to the [Company Name] Family!"
Opening Greeting:
"Hey everyone!"
"Hey team, we've got someone awesome joining our crew! Let's give a warm welcome to [New Employee's First Name], starting with us on [Start Date]."

3. Cover the Basics

In the body of the announcement, include the new employee's full name, start date, job title, and name of their direct supervisor. Specify the department where they will be working and their primary responsibilities.

You can also highlight where the new employee's office or desk will be located.

Also note if the position being filled is a new position and why - for example, your business is growing or you want to bring a previously outsourced function in-house.

Or you can also say which team member the new employee will be replacing.

You can also note the new employee's professional and academic achievements and provide their contact information.

4. Personalize the Message

A personalized employee introduction will be more engaging and can help build relationships between employees. This is because it shows that you are taking the time to get to know the new employee and that you are interested in them as a person.

There are a few ways to personalize the message. One way is to include some interesting facts about the new employee. This could be anything from their hobbies and interests to their hometown or educational background.

Another way to personalize the message is to write a brief welcome note from the new employee. This can be a great way for the new employee to introduce themselves and share a little bit about themselves.

5. Avoid Writing Too Long a Message

Keep your employee introduction email concise. Aim for 300 to 400 words at most.

Remember, you only want to provide enough information to current employees so that they know a new employee is joining the team and understand who the employee is.

There's no need to share too much information that leaves existing employees with no time to get to know them personally.

Tell your staff the basics and give them enough room to still ask questions when the new employee arrives.

6. End with a Welcome Message

End the email by saying how excited you are to welcome the new employee and that you are confident your team will be happy too.

If there is one, mention that there will be a welcome lunch, happy hour (virtual or in-person), or similar event to introduce the new employee to everyone in person.

Encourage staff to take the time to introduce themselves to the new employee when they start working.

7. Attach a Photo

In the employee introduction announcement email, also attach a photo of them to ensure employees recognize the new employee.

If the company operates remotely, a video call could be an alternative, this also eliminates questions about unfamiliar faces that suddenly appear on everyone's computer screens.

Template for Introducing New Employees

As a reference for you, here is an introduction template that you can use to welcome new employees. This English new employee introduction email can be customized to meet your needs and company culture.

Dear [your company] employees,
We’re excited to announce an addition to our team, [person’s name], who will fill the position of [title] previously held by [predecessor’s name] OR who is coming aboard because [reason for new position]. [Person’s first name’s] first day with us will be [start date].
[Person’s name] has extensive experience in [skills relevant to their new job] and is a graduate of [school or other academic achievements]. They are joining us from [previous employer’s name], where they [performed job duty]. Before coming aboard at [previous employer], they [list of responsibilities, if applicable].
[Person’s name]’s supervisor will be [manager name]. As part of the [department or team name], [person’s name] will [list of job functions]. You can reach [person’s name] at [phone number and/or email address] or just head over to their [office/desk] at [location, if applicable].
Please join us in welcoming [person’s name]. They are excited to meet you and I’m sure you will be too when you learn that [fun facts].
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions at [your contact information] — and join us at a welcome [event] at [location or URL] on [date and time].
[Your name and title]

Reason Why Is It Important to Introduce New Employees

One of the things to consider after recruiting new employees is to ensure that they feel like part of the team as soon as possible.

If you do not utilize the new employee introduction, it could cause the first meeting to feel awkward between the old team and the new employee.

This is especially true if the old employees are not aware that the company is adding manpower. The old employees may be worried that their jobs are at risk.

In addition, ignoring the new employee introduction email makes the onboarding experience unpleasant.

Sending the introduction email in a timely manner gives the team time to process the news and prepare to welcome their new colleague.

It is also important that this email helps the new employee to adapt well in a positive work environment.

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