Top 5 Recommendations for the Best Employee Monitoring Software for Remote Workers

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Monitoring and ensuring employee compliance with work hours and tasks can be a challenging task. However, the solution to this issue lies in implementing the best employee monitoring software. This sophisticated software is designed to digitally and automatically track employee performance, productivity, and work hours, making it an invaluable tool for companies adopting work-from-home (WFH), hybrid, or remote work systems.

What is Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software is a digital tool employed by companies to track and oversee all employee activities during working hours. By utilizing the features within this software, companies can gain insights and gather data on employee performance, productivity, and compliance with company policies. 

The Importance of Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software has become increasingly indispensable for modern companies, especially as they embrace remote, work-from-home, or hybrid work models. This tool plays a pivotal role in keeping tabs on performance, monitoring work progress, and tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

By leveraging insights gained through monitoring, companies can amass valuable data for evaluating employee performance, gauging task accuracy, and assessing the achievement of assigned targets. The software proves vital in helping companies identify any issues or obstacles that employees may encounter during their tasks, allowing for proactive adjustments to strategies.

Beyond its analytical benefits, employee monitoring software also serves as a communication intermediary between employees and the company regarding expectations. This fosters clarity, preventing misunderstandings and maintaining transparency in the work dynamic. In essence, it becomes an essential ally in navigating the complexities of modern work arrangements.

Key Features in Employee Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring software incorporates several essential features that contribute to its functionality, aiding companies in effectively managing, measuring, and enhancing productivity and workplace security. Here are some key features integral to employee monitoring software:

1. Time Management

This feature simplifies the process of recording employees' working hours, effortlessly capturing clock-in and clock-out times. What sets it apart is its ability to not only track overall working hours but also delve into the specifics, allowing monitoring of the time employees dedicate to particular tasks and projects.

2. Productivity Management

This feature generates insightful reports on employee productivity by analyzing their daily activities. Beyond that, the productivity management capabilities extend to monitoring and tracking progress on specific projects, offering a holistic view of team and individual contributions.

3. Reporting and Analysis

Provides reports on individual or team performance to aid in employee evaluations. In addition to generating reports, this feature can also analyze data to identify specific patterns or trends

Best Employee Monitoring Software Recommendations

Finding employee monitoring software, whether free or paid, is pretty straightforward these days. Of course, each software comes with its own set of features and interface design. If you're still unsure about which employee monitoring software to choose, we've put together a list of the top options for you:

1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor employee monitoring software aids in time tracking, activity monitoring, project management, and productivity analysis. It excels in providing detailed insights into time utilization and helps identify time wastage.


  • Basic plan: $5.9/user/month
  • Pro plan: $8.4/user/month
  • Premium plan: custom pricing

2. Teramind

Another top recommendation for employee monitoring software is Teramind. This software features activity monitoring, productivity analysis, risk detection, and security inspection as its core functionalities. It allows advanced analysis to identify potential security threats and ensures regulatory compliance.


  • Basic plan: $11.25 per seat /month
  • UAM plan: $22.50 per seat /month
  • DLP Plan : $26.25 per seat /month
  • Enterprise : Contact Sales

3. Trello

Trello is a collaborative team application designed to streamline various projects within a single platform. Through Trello, each team member can easily track job statuses, identify task assignees, and assess the progress of each assignment.

Some key features of Trello include:

  • Detailed & Quick Overviews of Front/Back Cards.
  • Easy, Drag-and-Drop Editing.
  • In-Line Editing.
  • Easy Organization with Labelling, Tags, and Comments.
  • Progress Meter Checklist.
  • Card Records Archive.
  • Easy Upload (Local Devices, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box)
  • File Attachment.


  • Free Plan : $0 USD
  • Standard plan: $5 USD Per user/month
  • Premium plan: $10 USD Per user/month
  • Enterprise Plan : $17.50 USD Per user/month

4. Monitask

This employee monitoring software supports you in efficiently overseeing the tasks of both employees and freelancers. Monitask is particularly suitable for companies with WFH (Work From Home), remote, or WFO (Work From Office) systems.

Within Monitask, you will benefit from several outstanding features such as:

  • Computer monitoring
  • Online timesheets
  • Remote working monitoring
  • Field task tracking


  • Pro Plan : $5.99/mo per user
  • Business Plan : $8.99/mo per user
  • Enterprise Plan : Contact Sales

5. Asana

This project management software is designed for both team and individual use. Asana offers a simple and user-friendly interface, streamlining task allocation by team leaders and project scheduling.

Asana can be integrated with various collaborative applications, including Microsoft Teams, Jira Cloud, GMail, and Slack. Those are some of the best employee monitoring software options available. Before selecting software, ensure consultation with your company's needs and policies


  • Personal Plan: Free
  • Starter Plan : $10.99/mo per user
  • Advance Plan : $24.99/mo per user

employee monitoring software has its merits in certain contexts, it's crucial to balance the need for oversight with a respectful and empowering work environment. At Talentport, we prioritize trust and collaboration. Our approach to talent management goes beyond traditional monitoring, focusing on fostering a culture of autonomy and productivity. With Talentport, you can be confident in the abilities of your tech leads, knowing that our emphasis is on empowering teams to excel rather than intrusive surveillance. Our platform promotes open communication, efficient project management, and collaborative success without compromising the trust between employers and employees.

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