Salary for Fresh Graduates in Singapore

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When deciding on a university major, many individuals factor in not only their interests and passions but also the average starting salary associated with different fields of study. Certain professions, such as business, often offer higher compensation compared to others. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the potential income right after graduation can significantly influence your academic and career choices.

This article explores the significance of being informed about salaries for recent graduates, explores the benchmark for a favorable fresh graduate salary in Singapore, examines the earnings of degree holders, and provides insights into strategies to maximize your earning prospects.

What Makes for a Good Starting Salary for Fresh Graduates in Singapore?

Despite facing increasingly competitive job markets, new university graduates typically find themselves earning similar income levels to previous years.

Although there are occasional deviations, the median salary for a fresh graduate typically commences at approximately $30,000 according to Indeed.

For instance, an entry-level account representative can expect an average annual salary of $33,209. It's important to note that these figures exhibit significant fluctuations contingent upon factors such as the industry, your chosen educational institution, your professional background, and industry-specific certifications.

Understanding the Significance of Fresh Graduate Salaries

Starting salaries matter because they set the earnings for newcomers to the job market. Aside from internships, these initial roles are accessible to beginners who lack extensive professional backgrounds. Assessing potential earnings at the outset helps you gauge if a particular career path aligns with your financial aspirations.

Examining entry-level compensation not only aids financial decision-making but also informs your job search. It helps you comprehend industry norms, empowering you to make informed choices when pursuing job opportunities. This awareness also enables you to assess if a company's offered salary is equitable.

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Top High-Paying Singapore Universities Majors

Wondering about the highest-paying university majors? Let's delve into the realm of potential riches. When it comes to fresh university graduates, the cash flow might differ based on the career paths you pursue. Specialized skills might tip the pay scale in your favor. But here's the kicker – some areas come with greater demand, leading to fatter paychecks.

Now, before you set your sights on dollar signs, remember: not all degrees lead to a goldmine. While certain diplomas promise above-average entry-level pay, keep in mind the bigger picture. Factors like work environment, stress levels, and travel perks should also sway your decision.

highest paying university majors in singapore

Ready to explore your options? Check out these domains, complete with career prospects and potential earnings according to Indeed.

Science and Mathematics

These versatile fields open doors to diverse roles, from data wizards to physics aficionados. Graduates can kick off their journey with positions like risk analysts, data analysts, or research associates. These gigs can fetch you around $65,971 to $77,555 per year.

Computer Science

In a tech-driven world, computer science degrees remain a ticket to a variety of careers. Junior developers, software engineers, and network gurus can earn between $48,416 and $60,822 annually.


For those wielding construction degrees, opportunities abound in engineering, management, and analysis. Bagging roles like site engineers or construction supervisors can rake in about $44,145 to $52,741 each year.


The engineering domain spans a plethora of specialties. Fresh graduates can venture into roles like junior systems engineers, civil engineers, or chemical engineers, netting around $39,424 to $46,772 annually.


Business buffs, rejoice! Finance, accounting, and business management are prime choices. Early career positions such as business development executives or junior supply chain analysts can yield $40,787 to $45,613 per year.

How to Optimize Your Salary Potential as Fresh Graduate in Singapore?

Do Your Homework

Research the dream company and spotlight your skills that align with their needs. Go beyond just salary – consider growth prospects, job satisfaction, and work-life balance.

Polish Your Resume

Craft a standout resume showcasing your unique strengths, achievements, and relevant experiences. Align your skills with the company's vision for that extra edge.

Get Hands-On

Boost your prospects by gaining practical experience. Enroll in courses, earn certifications, or volunteer for projects. Real-world exposure can make a difference.

Bonus Tip: Internships add sparkle to your resume. Even unpaid work can spotlight your commitment and willingness to learn.

In a nutshell, lucrative majors are a piece of the puzzle. The real treasure lies in leveraging your talents, staying hungry for knowledge, and making informed choices for a prosperous career journey.

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Is Salary Negotiation Possible for Fresh Graduates?

Securing the best post-graduation income hinges on recognizing your own worth. While negotiating a fresh graduate salary in Singapore isn't the norm across all job sectors, especially in structured programs like consulting, medicine, and banking, it's essential to consider the entire job offer. Perks, culture fit, time off, and other advantages play a pivotal role.

Long-term prospects also warrant attention. Opting for a lower initial pay at a leading industry player can pay off later on your CV and career trajectory. Making a wise call between salary and benefits requires a closer look at the company and the experience it can provide.

While salary negotiation might not be universal, a holistic evaluation ensures you're making a well-informed choice for your future.


In conclusion, navigating the realm of fresh graduate salaries in Singapore is a multi-faceted journey that demands careful consideration. While salary is undoubtedly a significant factor, it's just one piece of the puzzle.

By comprehensively assessing industry trends, the potential for growth, job satisfaction, and the broader benefits offered by prospective employers, you can make an informed decision that sets the stage for a fulfilling and prosperous career. Remember, your choice goes beyond the immediate paycheck – it's about investing in your long-term success and professional fulfillment.

So, as you embark on your post-graduation endeavors, may you tread with confidence, armed with the knowledge needed to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

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Q1: What is the best-paying job for fresh graduates in Singapore?

The best-paying job for fresh graduates in Singapore can vary depending on the industry, demand for specific skills, and the qualifications of the individual.

However, industries such as finance, banking, information technology, and engineering often offer some of the highest starting salaries for fresh graduates. Jobs in these sectors can provide attractive compensation packages due to the specialized skills and expertise they require.

Q2: What is a good entry-level salary in Singapore?

A good entry-level salary in Singapore depends on several factors, including the industry, job role, educational qualifications, and the cost of living in the city.

On average, entry-level salaries for fresh graduates in Singapore can range from SGD 2,500 to SGD 4,000 per month. However, salaries can be higher in sectors like finance, technology, and engineering, where starting salaries may exceed this range.

Q3: How much can a fresh graduate earn?

The earnings of a fresh graduate in Singapore can vary widely based on factors such as the field of study, industry, job role, company size, and negotiation skills.

On average, a fresh graduate can expect to earn a starting salary ranging from SGD 2,500 to SGD 3,500 per month. Graduates with specialized skills or in high-demand industries may earn higher starting salaries.

Q4: What is the average salary for a fresh graduate engineer in Singapore?

The average salary for a fresh graduate engineer in Singapore can vary depending on the specific engineering discipline, the demand for engineers in that field, and the industry.

On average, a fresh graduate engineer in Singapore can earn a starting salary ranging from SGD 3,000 to SGD 4,000 per month. Engineers in fields such as computer science, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering tend to command higher starting salaries due to the technical nature of their roles.

It's important to note that these figures are approximate and can change over time based on economic conditions, industry trends, and other factors. Additionally, negotiation skills, internships, and relevant certifications can also impact a fresh graduate's earning potential.

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