Step by Step How to Create Lead Generation Ads On Facebook

Magdalena is a performance marketer with a strong sales background who has experience in managing paid ads on platforms like Google, Meta, TikTok, and Marketplace Ads. Magdalena is dedicated to achieving results and helping optimize marketing costs for optimal outcomes.

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Wondering how to effortlessly gather data on customers interested in your products or business? The solution lies in Facebook Ads' lead generation, specifically the Instant Form feature. Simply set it up, and efficiently obtain the information you need.  Lead ads help people who are interested in your products and services sign up to get the latest updates from your business.  With just a few taps, people can sign up to get the information they want, and you can generate a qualified lead for your business.

Why You Should Create Lead Generation Ads on Facebook

According to Forbes Advisor, Facebook is the most widely used social media platform globally, boasting 2.9 million monthly active users. This highlights the immense reach and potential of social media platforms. To tap into this growing influence, marketing strategies must effectively utilize these platforms for audience engagement.

Monthly Active User’s by Social Media Platform (In Millions)

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 Utilize Facebook ads for increased brand awareness and conversions, leveraging cost-effective advertising and precise targeting to optimize your budget. Explore various ad formats and objectives to connect with users at different marketing stages. Extract valuable insights from Facebook's extensive user engagement to shape a well-informed cross-platform strategy. Unleash the power of Facebook Ads for efficient lead generation.

Step by Step Create Lead Generation (Instan Form) on Facebook Ads

Creating lead generation ads on Facebook involves a strategic approach, and the Instant Form feature streamlines this process. Start by accessing your Facebook Ads Manager and selecting the objective 'Lead Generation.' Follow the prompts to define your target audience, budget, and schedule.

  1. Select lead as the objective 
FB ads objectives
  1. If you want an automated campaign (the platform takes care of certain campaign details automatically), choose Tailored Campaign. But if you prefer to set up your campaign manually, select Manual Campaign.
Campaign Setup

  1. If you want to set the budget for all your campaigns, turn on Advantage Campaign Budget and enter the desired amount
Leads Campaign Dashboard 

  1. In the ad set section, you can choose 'Maximize Number of Leads' if you want to get many leads or 'Maximize Number of Conversions' if you want to get leads that are more likely to convert after providing their data (more qualified leads).
Leads Adset Dashboard

  1. Write a headline and description that fits (Utilizing the maximum potential of headlines and descriptions served on the dashboard), and include a call to action (what you expect after they see your ads). Choose "Create Form" to create an instant form that your audience will fill out.
Leads Ad Dashboard

  1. Create an instant form, choose the form type that aligns with your goal, and fill in all the necessary details to collect the data you want.
Instan Form Leads Type

Step by Step Download Lead Generation Result From Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Manager offers a convenient 'Download' option, allowing you to export all collected data into a CSV file. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can efficiently download your lead generation results from Facebook Ads, empowering you to harness the full potential of your advertising efforts and make informed decisions for the growth of your business.

  1. Go to Ads Manager choose all tools and search : Meta business suite

Ads Manager Image


  1. Choose All tools → Advertiser → Instant form

All Tools Image

  1. Simply click 'Download,' choose 'Download New Leads,' and pick CSV or XLS format.
Instant Form Leads Dashboard

Tips for Creating Facebook Lead Ads That Convert

There are several things to consider to achieve optimal results in your campaign. These factors need your attention before launching your campaign to ensure optimal outcomes.

1. Knowing your target audience

Understanding your target audience is crucial for creating content that resonates. Utilize Facebook's robust targeting features, considering demographics, interests, behaviors, and custom audiences to ensure your ads reach the right people.

2. Visuals & Ad Copies

Visuals and ad copy convey emotional messages to users, so conducting A/B tests for visuals is essential. Here are some best practices I use in running my ads:

  • Create engaging ads with various formats. If you choose to use video formats that have been published on your organic social media, select content FYP based on categories such as awareness, consideration, or conversion content. Use conversion content for lead generation ads.
  • Opt for vertical video formats when using video content, as audiences tend to use smartphones with vertical screens more frequently.
  • If using carousel format, mix images and/or videos. Include catchy headlines, clear descriptions, and a direct call-to-action. You can include up to ten cards in each carousel ad, but a best practice I follow is not exceeding 5 cards.
  • Don't forget to include an appropriate CTA to guide the audience in taking the desired action.

3. A/B Test

Testing visuals (images, carousels, or videos) using A/B testing is essential. However, it's crucial to compare similar formats, like video vs  video or single image vs single image, for accurate results. A/B testing isn't just for ads, you can also apply it to different campaigns. For example, compare Tailored Lead Campaigns to Manual Lead Campaigns to find out which one works better. In my experience, Tailored Campaigns often provide better results than manual ones

Unlock the potential of Facebook Ads for robust lead generation with this comprehensive guide. Forbes Advisor highlights Facebook's global influence, boasting 2.9 million monthly active users, underscoring its significance in marketing. The step-by-step approach covers creating lead ads, downloading results, and expert tips, including targeting strategies and impactful visuals. Dive into the world of Facebook Ads to increase brand awareness and conversions cost-effectively while engaging users at different marketing stages. Embrace A/B testing for optimal results and explore tailored campaigns. Elevate your lead generation game with insights from Facebook's user engagement, ensuring a well-informed cross-platform strategy.

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