How to Check Keyword Rank, Tracking Tools and Tips

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Checking keyword rankings is one of the crucial steps in an SEO campaign. This is because, by monitoring the rankings of targeted keywords, you can identify whether the optimization strategies you have implemented are performing optimally or not.

Therefore, knowing how to check keyword rankings is a vital skill for SEO specialists.

In fact, there are several methods to check keyword positions on your own. Let's take a look below!

Why Checking Keyword Rankings is Necessary

The goal of implementing SEO is to generate significant organic traffic for your website and to rank on the first page of Google. However, this is not an easy feat and requires the right strategies and analysis to achieve.

This is where checking keyword rankings becomes crucial, as it can help you gauge the extent to which your SEO efforts have been successful.

Furthermore, monitoring keyword rankings also allows you to see whether your website is moving up or down in the rankings. This helps you identify changes in your SEO strategy and any necessary corrective actions.

Checking keyword rankings also aids in measuring the effectiveness of the content you've created. Is the content ranking, and does it require further optimization to remain relevant in the SERPs?

Ultimately, the activity of checking keyword rankings provides valuable insights that are instrumental in shaping future SEO strategies.

How to Check Keyword Rankings

There are several methods you can use to check the rankings of your targeted keywords, whether through manual techniques or by utilizing tools. Let's explore how to check keyword rankings, both manually and with the help of tools:

1. Manual Keyword Ranking Check

One way to check keyword rankings is by doing it manually. This involves conducting a Google search for the keyword and navigating through the results until you find your website. However, because this method is manual, it can be time-consuming and less efficient.

2. Using Google Search Console

You can leverage Google Search Console to examine keyword rankings. The good news is that this tool is free. Google Search Console provides you with average keyword rankings for each page on your website.

3. Utilizing Tools (Free & Paid)

The last method for checking keyword rankings is to use paid tools. Paid tools offer various benefits to SEO specialists by providing detailed ranking data. With these tools, you can track keyword positions, analyze SERPs, explore competitor rankings, and make it easier to assess the effectiveness of your SEO strategies.

Keyword Ranking Check Tools

There are several tools available to help you determine the rankings of your targeted keywords. Here are some tool options:

1. SERPRobot

SERPRobot is a tool that allows you to check keyword rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). With this tool, you can check the ranking of your website based on the keywords you are targeting. Here are the steps to use SERPRobot:

  • Select the region or location that corresponds to your website.
  • Enter your website's domain.
  • Input up to 5 keywords that you want to check the rankings for.
  • Once done, click the 'Check SERP Now' button.
  • Wait for the results to appear.

2. SERPWatcher

You can also check keyword rankings using SERPWatcher. This tool is available in both free and paid versions. With the free version, you can perform up to five checks per day. Here's how to use SERPWatcher:

  • Enter your website's domain.
  • Choose the location or country where your website is located.
  • Enter some keywords found on your website.
  • Click the 'Start Tracking' button.

3. Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is a tool developed by to evaluate websites. With Alexa Rank, you can view the global and country-specific rankings of frequently visited websites. Here are the simple steps to use Alexa Rank:

  • Enter your website's domain name in the ranking check field.
  • Click the 'Search' button.

4. SERPChecker

If you want to check keyword rankings with detailed information, SERPChecker is a suitable option. However, users are limited to 5 searches per day with this tool. Using SERPChecker is straightforward; you only need to input keywords, location, and target devices to view your keyword rankings.

5. Pro Rank Tracker

This tool is used by over 60,000 users worldwide. It is primarily designed to check keyword rankings on a website. However, the ranking results are not limited to Google; Pro Rank Tracker can also display rankings on other search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube, and even Amazon.

Checking keyword rankings is one of the most important tasks for an SEO specialist. It allows them to analyze whether their strategies are effective or not. If the targeted keywords are not ranking, adjustments to the strategy may be necessary. Additionally, keyword ranking checks can serve as a portfolio for SEO specialists. By demonstrating which keywords have successfully achieved rankings, clients or employers will have confidence in hiring you.

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